Deborah Wace TAS

Deborah Wace is a plant advocate and professional Printmaker. Her artwork is highly detailed and intimate, it is a window into the botany of Tasmanian native Orchids, Rainforest, and Buttongrass plant communities. She uses Drypoint and Monoprint techniques to depict the native orchids in large scale, drawn over many plates, root to flower. She also uses pressed plant specimens sourced from and illustrating the diverse flora of the Buttongrass plant communities and rainforest habitat. She is working on an ongoing ‘print herbarium’ of this flora. She prints digitally onto silk and other fabric developing designs for clothing and limited edition art textile. Her work is also available for interior design function as well as original edition fine art. Immersion in and deeper understanding of wild place through botany is her aim. Forming a link to the earliest European Botanical Historical collections is a strong thread through her artwork.