Jane Connory VIC

Jane Connory is a PhD candidate at Monash University, Art, Design & Architecture, working towards a gender inclusive history of Australian graphic design. She was awarded a Masters of Communication Design (Design Management) with Distinction from RMIT in 2016 and has been a practising designer and illustrator in the advertising, branding and publishing sectors, in both London and Melbourne, since 1997. Alongside her research exploring the visibility of women in design, she is currently a Senior Lecturer at Torrens University, a radio presenter on JOY94.9 and an active participant in the Creative Women’s Circle, Illustrators Australia and the Australian Graphic Design Association. Jane’s research through design is quantifying the visibility of women in the history of Australian graphic design, since 1960, through data visualisation, information graphics and generative art. Her installations and interactive workshops reveal a discipline producing a majority of female graduates and an industry that has been slow to recognise their contributions. The primary focus of her research is to critically examine the complexity and subtleties in the discourse surrounding design and to analyse how gender and power impact the graphic design industry in Australia.