Karina Clarke TAS

CEO Design Tasmania

Karina Clarke is the CEO Design Tasmania, her areas of expertise include design academic, furniture, homewares, design management and interior design. Karina’s experience as Program Director of Design (undergraduate) and Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Art & Design UNSW, give her a deep understanding of the cultural and social influences which inform the design of course curriculum within Universities. She has experience collaborating with industry and has undertaken research in design entrepreneurship, SME’s and design for social impact. Over the course of her career she has mentored many young designers and academics who have gone on to establish significant design careers. Her curatorial practice explores critical design theory, and community engagement. She is passionate about inspiring and developing a design culture that makes a difference to people’s lives. Karina’s breadth of design experience and network allows her to collaborate and apply design knowledge, strategy and processes to a range of situations including business, industry and academia.