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Making a design culture:
How do we create an inclusive, well-informed culture of design?

In 2015 Design Tasmania held the inaugural Women in Design Colloquium in Launceston, Tasmania at the iconic Gary Cleveland Galleries at Design Tasmania and neighbouring venues to a very intimate audience of 75 people. The event resonated so strongly for those who attended that Design Tasmania committed to presenting it as part of an ongoing annual program.

Women in Design was inspired by a gap in the Australian design and cultural calendar recognising and celebrating the pivotal role women play in growing and defining excellence within Australian cultural practice and creative thinking. From independent design studios to cultural agencies and institutions, women lead. Women in Design is about providing a platform to hear their voices and experiences at a number of levels. In doing so it provides the opportunity for professional development, networking, learning and sharing within a collegiate and welcoming environment.

By developing a national event focused on the role and outlook of women in design practice Design Tasmania seeks to underscore the importance of nurturing future opportunities for women in design. This program identifies and gathers leading female practitioners and thinkers offering a unique opportunity for Design Tasmania to consider the role of the organisation as a champion of women in social and cultural practice.

At a time when gender equity is being discussed on the national political and social agenda the design sector can be proud of the strength and breadth of its creative sorority.

The theme for the 2018 Women in Design Colloquium is Making a Design Culture, and will look at the different ways this can be explored: materiality, ethics, and identity. This theme will initiate talks and dialogues from people, asking the question: How do we create an inclusive and well-informed culture of design? Design Tasmania has invited professors, entrepreneurs, directors, academics, designers, founders, and CEO’s to talk at this event. Among this group of creative influencers are people who have built their practice around a culture that sustains a design practice, or who influence social fabric through a design culture.

Our commissioned exhibition for this year’s Women in Design will be a collaboration between architect and artist Fei Fei Feng (USA) and Tasmanian designer Michelle Boyde, who will engage with these themes.


We want to know what women in design are dreaming about in 2018.

What are our collective hopes, fears and visions for a post ‘man-made’ 20th century world, and how might the future look with women at the lead?

To find out, we’re inviting participants of Women in Design to contribute a dream to our online, custom dream portal. Working closely with socio-analyst and social dreaming facilitator Professor Susan Long, we’ll find the links and themes of collective interest and respond to these in a design outcome to be presented at the colloquium.

In conjunction, Susan will conduct a live social dreaming and reflection session, discussing the project process and its potential as a tool for designing in groups and growing a genuinely inclusive design culture.

You’ll be invited to participate when you sign up to the colloquium.

Michelle and Fei Fei


Friday 14 September

4.00 - 5.00 pmRegistration
5.00 - 6.30 pmWelcome cocktail party
6.30 - 7.00 pmKeynote Presentation Dr Gene Sherman
7.15 - 7:30 pmMichelle Boyde and Fei Fei Feng Exhibition Introduction.
8.30 pmClose

Saturday 15 September

9.00 am - 12.00 pmTopic A
Materiality: How does your understanding of design culture inform your sense of Materiality and practice?
Lola Greeno, Prof Lisa Grocott, Anita Dineen, Poppy Taylor, Panel Discussion and Q&A Karina Clarke (facilitator)
Venue: Design Tasmania Launceston
12.00 - 1.00 pmNetworking Lunch
1.00 - 3.00 pmTopic B
Ethics: How does one navigate the complexities of Ethics within practice?
Penny Craswell, Rachael Coghlan, Margaret Hancock-Davis Topic B Panel Discussion and Q&A Assoc Dean Katherine Moline
Venue: Architecture & Design School of Technology, Environments & Design UTAS
6.00 - 10.00 pmHarvest Dinner
Aboriginal Smoking Ceremony
Presentation by Film Producers and Creatives, Lara van Raay, Rebecca Thomson, Ninna Milikin - Women of the island
Venue: Design Tasmania Launceston

Sunday 16 September

9.00 am - 12.00 pmTopic C
Identity: One’s Identity is informed by many influences. How do we identify and sustain an inclusive design culture?
Tara Howell, Kate McEntee, Susan Long
Topic C Panel Discussion and Q&A Dr Pippa Dickson (facilitator)
Venue: Design Tasmania Launceston
12.00 - 2.00 pmNetworking Lunch
2.00 pmMoFo Sunday Session


Design Tasmania is a well-known and effective not-for-profit organisation dedicated to nurturing an innovative design ecosystem locally and nationally. Its vision is a successful Tasmania and Australia where ‘Design Makes the Difference’ to enterprises, the community, and individuals. Located in the award winning Gary Cleveland Galleries in Launceston, over 40 years it has informed, inspired, educated, and exposed the public, designers, makers, and opinion leaders around excellence in design and design thinking. It has five beautiful, interconnected exhibition spaces plus a retail shop housed in the adjoining Price Hall.

The organisation has evolved to be a respected enabler of innovative Australian design through its commitment to collaboration, innovation, and meaningful action. We encourage creative risk-taking, facilitate the creation and exhibition of new works, broaden the national and international audience for excellent Tasmanian craft and design, and champion a culture of creativity and innovation.

Our legacy is international best practice craft and design awareness, expertise, and innovation based on sound research and strong and effective advocacy.

The future of design/making in Australia is dependent upon the support of organisations such as Design Tasmania to ensure that our initiatives continue foster expansiveness and dynamism in the sector. Our program is partially covered by Government funding and by our own commercial activity, however we rely on financial support from donors and sponsors to realise and expand on our vision.

We are incredibly proud of our artistic program and all who have contributed to its success over the past four years and we invite you to be part of this exciting time of our evolution.




Those with positive influence understand the power of relationships, connection, and engaging with the world openly. They not only obtain amazing results in their work, but their process of obtaining these results, how they operate in life, is inspiring and uplifting.


Dr Gene Sherman AM NSW


Dr Gene Sherman AM is a leading Australian cultural figure and...

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Michelle Boyde TAS


With a Bachelor of Design (Fashion) (Honours) from RMIT School of...

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FeiFei Feng USA


Hailing from China, Australia and now the US, Feifei Feng is an artist and...

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Karina Clarke TAS

CEO Design Tasmania

Karina Clarke is the CEO Design Tasmania, her areas of expertise include...

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Pippa Dickson TAS

Chair, Design Tasmania. Director, Expecting Good Weather.

Pippa Dickson imagines, creates...

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Penny Craswell NSW

Writer & Creative Strategist

Creative Strategy Associate at the Australian Design Centre (ADC)...

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Anita Dineen TAS


Anita Dineen’s luminous character is expressed in her whimsical creations...

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Dr Katherine Moline NSW

Assoc Dean Research UNSWAD

Katherine Moline is Associate Dean Research Training at the School of Art...

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Poppy Taylor TAS

Architect, Director Taylor and hinds Architects

Poppy is a Tasmanian, and Founding Director of Taylor and Hinds Architects...

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Kate McEntee VIC

Lecturer Monash University

Kate McEntee is a lecturer and design researcher in the faculty of Art Design...

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Ninna Millikin TAS

Film Maker (Women of the Island)

Ninna Millikin is a Tasmanian freelance film-maker and media producer...

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Rebecca Thomson TAS

Film Director (Women of the Island)

Rebecca has directed more than a dozen short films to date, including...

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Lara van Raay TAS

Film Producer (Women of the Island)

Lara van Raay has a 20-year history in the television industry and has...

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Tara Howell TAS

Director S Group

Director of both S. Group and Blue Derby Pods Ride, Tara is...

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Rachel Coghlan ACT

CEO Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre

Rachael Coghlan is the CEO of Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre...

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Margaret Hancock Davis SA

Senior Curator, JamFactory

Margaret Hancock Davis is Senior Curator at JamFactory...

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Susan Long VIC

Susan Long is a Melbourne based organisational consultant and...

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Prof Lisa Grocott VIC

Art Design & Architecture Monash University

Lisa was once a communication designer (Studio Anybody), then design...

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Lola Greeno TAS

Tasmanian Aboriginal Maker

Lola Greeno is the first Indigenous artist to receive the National Living Treasure...

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